About Me

We all have ambitions. Mine is to be the best yoga teacher I can be.

The best made plans, huh… In Autumn 2014 I discovered I needed a full hip replacement. It explained the excruciating pain but that wasn’t in the yoga teacher plan.

There were tears. There was sobbing. There was ‘why me-ing’. But as we all know the path you are on will invariably have obstacles you aren’t expecting. Trees fall across the road. It happens. The test is to stop, assess and work out how to get past and back on track. And that’s where the real triumphs in life are. So in a way, it’s been a blessing.

Deana Morris

Yoga gave me a huge recovery head start because I had lots of ideas on what would aid my recovery and I tested them all pre and post surgery.

I’ll be sharing them in this blog – along with my yoga life ramblings.

Summer 2015


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