In less than a week I am off on a yoga retreat, with my friend Rachel.

I can’t believe it has finally arrived, but here we are.

My spare bed currently features little hillocks of clothes which, in theory, all go together in a collection of suitably practical outfits. In theory they will be just perfect for our destinations – Avignon and then Nimes. We are then at a location somewhere near Nimes where we will be learning about essential oils, yoga and river swimming.


We’re staying in a yurt/fancy tent and I know it’s going to be hot. But that’s about it.

I know; I’m super-vague. I have instructions and directions, but I don’t like to research my destinations to death.

Once upon a time I went on holiday to Arizona with a girlfriend who had an itinerary for everything. On that holiday I learned something about myself; I like to be free to experience without expectation and agenda. A vague plan is fine, but knowing what you are doing by the hour, not for me. I like to surrender control and feel the flow, reconnect with the joy of seeing without experience.

So this is what I know about Avignon: it’s got a bridge. Nimes: like Avignon, it’s v historic but without the bridge song. I know they are in the south and that is pretty much it.

If anyone has any recommendations, experiences or enlightening advice they’d like to add, please include in the comments.

Needless to say I’ll have plenty to say myself on my return. Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Holidays!

  1. I know this area quite well. Avignon and Nimes are pretty towns and worth spending some time roaming around. The Roman theatre in Nimes is not to be missed IMHO. It’s very impressive — best outside the coliseum (some would say better..!). In Avignon the main cultural attraction is the Palais des Papes. Unless you’re v interested in church history, I think the best thing about this building is walking round it and enjoying from the outside. I’m always disappointed when I pay to go in, it’s a bit devoid of character. Backstreets in A are hot and dusty but full of character, as the main shopping street and central square (where the tourist restaurants are) is not.
    Depending on where you are staying you might try to get to Pont du Gard, famous and v well preserved Roman acqueduct with beautiful, safe and clean river swimming (just don’t try to swim right under it where there are strong currents). it’s v popular place with families, also a nice cafe for refreshments.
    Local food markets in this part of France are amazing too.

    I hope you have a great time! Enjoy the sunshine! x

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